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Info/ Modifications: 

- Full Action Job (Polish and Debur)

- Lightened Trigger Spring

- Lightened Hammer Spring

- Threaded 5/8x24

- 16” Barrel

- RPP:

 - Gen 2 Handguard 

 - Lightened Load Gate 

 - 3.5# Trigger

- Beartooth Medium Loop Lever

- Midwest Sight System

- Ghost Ring Rear Sight

- Tritium/ Fiber Optic Night/Day Front Sight

- Add a leather wrap to the loop for $60

Layaway available

​​​​​​​Please refer to our Instagram (@ossoutfitters) for more pictures and some videos about this rifle. And feel free to ask any questions in the DM's, call/ text 817-382-9770, or email Please don't inquire about firearm purchases in Instagram comments. We check our message requests often.  

You can order this one however you like. It may add a few days and dollars to the process but we are more than happy to make it exactly the way you want it. We have posted several videos and pictures to our Instagram (@ossoutfitters). These are hard to get and even harder for us to hold onto. 

Give us a call at 817-382-9770 for any questions regarding customizations and/or pricing. If you don't like the furniture on this gun, and plan to buy, let us know and we can make it any way. Please check our other listings. 

Marlin 1894 44 Mag/Spc “Raptor” Grey on Blued 16” 5/8x24

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