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We have one of these ready to go in 30-30 and 45-70!






Colors used:

Multicam Bright Green, Bullshark Gray, and Graphite Black




Lifetime Warranty

JM Original Marlin

16” Threaded Barrel (1/2x28)

Full Action Job #slickrick

Shadowcam Cerakote



We used parts from TEN different companies for this build, all of them will be available on our NEW website soon:



@rangerpointprecision Handguard, 3.5# Trigger, QD Stock and Lever Screws, Lightened Load Gate


@midwestindustries Stock w Cheek Riser & Shell Holders


@xssights LeverRail


@hopticusa 2x Quiver x2 (Shell Holders)


@slateblackindustries Rail Covers


@strikeindustries LINK Handstop w Cable Management


Madpig Muzzle Brake or Brake of Choice


@wildwestguns Big Loop and Bearproof Ejector

@wrenmetalworks Upgraded Torx Screws

(Similar to Marlin Dark Screws)


Holosun SCRS MRS Red

Marlin 336 Shadowcam

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